MSCONFIG, Disable and Enable

What is MSCONFIG? In my opinion it is a program that is used to disable and enable software that is currently slowing your computer on startup. Ever notice the little icons on the lower right of your computer?
well those little boogers slow your computer down and use up memory. On start up does your computer take an eternity to load? well disabling those programs will help increase your speed a bit. Although there might be other factors as to why you have a slow computer. Memory can be one of them.
But that is for another time. MSCONFIG.
Click on the start menu and type the following. See above.
You will get something like this. The tab you want to click on is the Startup tab.
Select the programs you want to disable or enable but in this case we want to disable the programs, so that they wont slow your computer down.
Click on the disable all to disable all the programs. Then select the restart computer.
Pretty simple and it helps. 

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