So you have a POPUP problem?

Request from Flippa Bird

Why do we get popups? Any website you go to well some. You will notice that you will have popup advertisements. This is embedded in the website script language. Most of the time it can be because your popup blocker is disabled or just isn't working like how it should be.
What usually helps is get a adware, anti-spyware software installed on to your computer. I recommend AVG its free click here.

Back to the built in popup blocker in your browser. 
If you are Using Google CHROME Click here on checking your popup settings.
If you are using Internet Explorer Click here for more info on popup blocker
MOZILLA or FireFox Click here

If for any reason this isn't helping with your pop-ups then its something else and a anti-spyware needs to be installed on to your computer. Previously I've said that AVG is a free virus scan and anti-spyware program. I am currently using it and I've had no problems.

If for any reason when you install AVG and for some reason you are having issues, You will have have to install the software in SAFEMODE. 
This is where the F8 Function key comes in.
Restart Your computer
Hit the F8 button, once you have successfully done it you will see a screen that give a few options
It will look something similar to this. Click on the SAFE MODE. 
You'll know when you are in SAFE MODE when you see the words safe mode at all four corners of your screen. Once you are in safe mode you can install the program and run it.

Choose Advanced Options for: Microsoft Windows Vista
Please select an option:
Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with Command Prompt
Enable Boot Logging
Enable low-resolution video (640x480)
Last Known Good Configuration (advanced)
Directory Services Restore Mode
Debugging Mode
Disable automatic restart on system failure
Disable Driver Signature Enforcement
Start Windows Normally

Windows 7 Looks similar to this. XP looks similar with less options.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me @


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