Social Engineering You Are The Weakest Link.

Let me start with what social engineering is. It is a trick used by people to obtain your personal information. When you go to a "free" website, notice how it asks for you to register in order to get the "free" item. This is considered social engineering. Facebook is one way, you display all of your personal information to the world to see. I'm guilty of it myself.

Ever get emails where they ask you for your personal information. Especially now, lots of people looking for work. These so called job emails where they ask you for your name, address, phone number etc..

Scam emails.
One perfect example. I'm always getting emails from these federal people or royalty people from other countries asking for my help, claiming they have millions of $$$. They ask for your personal information, lure you and trying to scam you into sending them the processing fee so that they can have the money transferred.
All they are doing is taking your money and tricking you. You send them $500 for the so called fee, imagine 10 or even 100 people get suckered into it. My advice to you, is ignore it and delete those emails.

Virus Hoax
Perfect example. Those stupid chain letters we all hate.

These are examples of how security is compromised.
You are the biggest security risk out there.


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