Types of Memory

There is more then one kid of memory for your computer. It all depends on your motherboard.
One thing to remember your memory is affected by your operating system. This will be explain at a later time.

  • SDRAM 168-PINS
  • RDRAM 184-PINS
  • DDR-2 DIMM 240-PINS
  • DDR-3 DIMM 240-PINS
Memory has to be supported by your motherboard. If it does not, well it wont work.
To see what some of these look like click here

The memory have a notch on them, it is positioned in a way that will fit on the motherboard's memory slots. Cannot force it in, you will break it. So don't even attempt to force it in.

Always remember to wear your anti-static wrist band and have it clipped on to your case. NEVER EVER EVER clip your wrist band to the metal part of the case when the power supply is still plugged in. I've seen a few edits who claim that having your computer plug to the power outlet is a perfect ground. I SAY NO! Don't ever do that. You're at a high risk of getting shocked.
Unplug your computer from the wall, clip your anti-static wrist band, and get to work. I recommend not working on your computer on a carpeted room.

Something to read Click Here. This talks about more on the grounding yourself with your wrist band.

Memory is very sensitive to ESD (Electro Static Discharge)

Here is a photo of a motherboard, it shows the memory slots for a DDR2 memory.

If you have any questions on this please post in the comments.


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