Speed & Duplex on a Network Interface Card (NIC)

One thing I've noticed is that once i changed the setting my speed increased on my computer while browsing.

Its a simple change, wont hurt anything. You can change it back with no issues. Hopefully your NIC supports it.

To change your NIC Speed & Duplex:
I know this is the same for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10

1. Go into your control panel. (examples are done with windows 10)
 2. Click on  Network and Internet. Then click on View network status and tasks
3. Over to the left of this screen, you'll see a link called Change Advanced Settings. Click on it.

4. Double click using the left mouse button.

 5.Click on the configure button.

6. Click on the advanced tab and scroll down until you see Speed & Duplex
     By default your NIC card is set to Auto Negotiation. I put mine on the1.0 Gbps Full Duplex
 Some NIC can go that high, but just keep in mind you can select the highest setting. You are only limited to what your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has your set as. Meaning what ever level of speed you have subscribed to.

 7. Make sure it says FULL DUPLEX not HALF DUPLEX.
you want to be able to send and received that the same time. once you select your speed and Duplex.
click OK. Your connection will reset itself. You'll see that blue circle, it may change to that yellow triangle then a red X and back to normal.

If it fails to reconnect, just simply follow the steps above and put it back to Auto Negotiation.
Also Unplugging your Network Cable and reconnecting it may help.


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